Interview with a Successful Graphic Designer: Insights and Advice


Being a beginner and making your mark in a creative field such as graphic design is not easy. Therefore, this blog has been written especially for you as it would definitely help you in building your career as a graphic designer. For this blog, I have conducted an interview with our Multimedia Expert, Nishu Sir at ADMEC Multimedia Institute.  He is an expert in different domains such as architecture design, graphic design, and web.

If you are someone who has successfully completed their graphic design courses in Delhi, then this blog can help you in successfully cracking graphic design interviews. The blog offers valuable insights and tips from one of our experts which can help you in getting better placements in some of the top leading graphic design companies.

Valuable Insights and Advice from Expert

Here are some of the important tips that can help you pave the way and make you a professional designer.

Host: Sir, What are the specific domains that you actually hold specializations in?

Expert: Basically, I am a Multimedia expert. I hold specializations specifically in five domains including animation, web, UI, CAD, and graphics. 

Host: That’s great!

Host! How many years of experience do you have specifically in graphics?

Expert: Well, In graphics, I have been working since 2007 and now it looks a long journey. Under my training experience, I’ve made careers for thousands for aspirants in the areas of graphic, web, architecture, interior, 2D animation.

Host: How should a beginner begin his or her career? What is your advice?

Expert: If you are a beginner in graphic design or any other industry, I would advise you to focus on the basics in your graphic design course in Delhi. Focus on practical as well as theoritical basics. Therefore, understand the basic design concepts, typography, and color combination. Observe the designs by other professional designers before creating your own.

Host: Are theoretical concepts important for graphic designers?

Expert: Yes, it is very important. Theoretical concepts help you in developing a sound understanding of designs. This is why, we have classes on visual grammar and sketching. These classes cover the training on the elements of the design.

Host: Should a graphic designer work as an intern?

Expert: Yes, Definitely. A graphic designer after completing the diploma in graphic design in delhi should work as an intern for at least 6 months. Internships offer a really profound experience. As a graphic designer, you learn from your experience when you start working on multiple projects. This is one of the reasons, why ADMEC Multimedia Institute is considered the best institute for graphic designing in Delhi. Students at ADMEC get internship opportunities where they enhance their skills by practically working on them.

I would like to thank Nishu Sir for sharing his experience and providing valuable advice to students who are aspirants and want to be a professional graphic designer.