Top 10 terms you must know if working as a graphic designer.

Graphic Designers uses their own language, it includes margins, ascenders, descenders, kerning, tracking etc. It just a hint of some technical terms which is required to work in creative field. But lots of other terms too to remember.

Graphic Design has its own vocabulary like other trades. Starting your career with this field so you may not come across with some important terms. If you are new into the graphic industry so you should be familiar with some technical terms and  know by heart:

1. Kerning, Leading & Tracking

These terms refer to the space between type.

  • Kerning is a space between two characters in your type.

  • Leading is the spacing between two lines of copy.

  • Tracking is the space between all letters.

2. Branding and Brand Identity

A branding is important for any brand. It should be like this who speaks about the brand and attracts to customer.

Brand Identity includes: logos, slogans, website, packaging and branding related material. When graphic designer talk about brand identity so it involves all things related with branding.

3. Complementary

Complementary is a technical term that describes the color scheme, When a designer choose two colors from color wheel that called complementary colors.

For example, pairs like red & green, purple and yellow etc are the complementary colors.

4. Moodboard

It is a tool used by designers in which they collect visual references to understand about a project. It helps in communicate a concept.

5. Logotype

A logotype is designed in a unique way. It is a name of any company or brand. When people refer to a logo that means refers to the brand’s logotype. It must be attractive.

6. Logomark

In logo making for representing a brand, graphic designers use this term for graphics and images. Shapes, images, objects, illustrations etc are speak about the brand. 

For example: nestle’s nest, twitter’s bird etc are logo mark.

7. Triadic

When graphic designers want objects in a design for looking more lively then they use triadic colors.

For example red, blue and yellow is a triadic color scheme.

8. Script Type

Designers use the Script Type when they want to make the design more personal, elegant or casual looking.

9. Display Type

Large and prominent designed to attracts to viewers. For examples: titles on movie posters, newspaper headlines etc.

10. Calligraphy

It is an art of writing letters with specific tools like: broad nib pen, brush pen etc.

Above we have discussed some important terms that you should know, but many more terms are there in graphic industry that you should be familiar with.

Whenever you start to create new branding from logo to poster to a website- ask these questions from yourself.

  • How should i improve my design?

  • Is it necessary?

  • Will it look appealing to the customer?

Don’t be afraid of doing experiments on designs, explore more about designs and have fun with creativity.

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