Quick guide on the steps every designer must follow to create better designs



Quick guide on the steps every designer must follow to create better designs


Graphic designers are specialists hired by companies responsible for creating logos, posters, hoardings, product designs, and other form of graphics. With the help of visual graphics, brands successfully communicate their offerings to their target audience easily and in a correct manner. 

Graphics act as a mode of communication and if the graphics are enticing then it stays in the minds of the consumer for a longer period of time. 

Graphic designers are visual communicators and they follow a series of steps before they design the final product. Every designer needs to go through the design thinking process before they create the actual designs. It is a process of solving a problem in a very creative manner and it involves identifying the problem and offering the best solution. A graphic designer creates strategies for brands so that they can establish their businesses online and we all know that without a proper strategy, it is just a waste of time, money, and other resources. 

Steps every designer must follow to create better designs

  1. Market research

Every designer must conduct proper market research before they start creating graphics. Graphic designers create graphics for their audience and for that, you can also have a discussion with your client and also have an idea about their findings.  A buyer's persona would definitely help them in delivering quality results.

  1. Meeting with a client

Organize a meeting with your client and discuss their strategies and the vision and mission of their business. This will help you create designs that define the purpose and vision of the brand.

  1. Brief

As a designer, you need to create a brief that includes all the basic information based on your findings. The best part is it makes things very clear and avoids any kind of confusion and solves a problem if any.

  1. Brainstorming ideas

Brainstorming is an important step for better clarity. It can be done as a team as well and it involves deciding what a graphic designer is actually going to design in the best possible manner. This makes the whole process smooth and easy.

  1. Develop a concept

Once you start designing, you must compare whether it is according to the findings of the market research or whether it is according to the target audience. 

  1. Client feedback and approval

After you have created a design, client feedback is extremely important. After your designs are presented to the client, you need to explain all the above-mentioned steps to the client and explain why the designs look the way it has been designed. Moreover, you need to discuss with the client whether you need to make any modifications to the designs until it gets the final approval.

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