Workshops conducted by ADMEC Multimedia Institute


Workshops facilitate conceptual and more practical learning for students. Whether you are planning for attending graphic design training in Delhi or going for web development classes, workshops are something you cannot miss. It offers you the opportunity to achieve excellence in your field by interacting with experts. 

In order to be an expert in your field, you need to learn practically beyond textbooks and be exceptional in your work. Workshops help you stay updated with the ongoing trends, programming languages, and designs that are trending and used by professionals. The present market scenario looks for knowledge that is relevant as per the existing scenario as well as practical expertise in software and tools.


Importance of workshops in the present scenario

Just completing your online graphic design training is not enough to become a professional graphic designer. You need to have some key tricks in your sleves. Moreover, to grab a good job opportunity, you need to create eye-catching resumes and portfolios that determine your skills. This is the main reason why ADMEC conducts workshops, seminars, and competitions for students so that students learn and become proficient in their work.


Important Special Workshops conducted by ADMEC Multimedia Institute

The key USP at ADMEC Multimedia Institute is the range of special sessions. ADMEC focus on conducting the guest lectures at the center at least twice a month. 

This facilitate better learning and knowledge sharing. The workshops include topics from diverse domains such as graphic design, web design, web development, animation, multimedia, digital marketing, video editing, etc.

Creative Thinking Sessions
Creative thinking sessions enhance the skills of students and boost their creative skills. It focuses on improving the design sense.

Design Industry Sessions
Design industry sessions specially goes for students in graphic design training. These sessions cover the talks about the most design elements, popular designers, their work, the standards of the industry and resources for students. It aims to not only improve the designing skills but also educate students on the ongoing trends that are relevant in the industry.

Digital Painting Sessions
Digital Painting session focuses on developing the artistic skills of students to the fullest further enhancing their creativity.

Domain Hosting
Domain Hosting workshops are basically for students who are looking for career prospects in the field of the web. Students learning with web design courses or who want to learn website design and development should attend a workshop on domain hosting.

Resume & Portfolio Development
Resume and Portfolio Development Workshops are helpful for students in every domain where students learn to create and develop their resumes and portfolios that employers look forward to at the time of recruitment.

Interview Preparation
Interview Preparation is for students who have completed the course and want to prepare themselves for the interviews to grab better opportunities. This workshop not only provides tips and tricks to students for the interview but also helps them understand how to answer the questions asked. 

The workshops are conducted by faculties at ADMEC Multimedia Institute in Delhi who help students learn new skills and shape their career as well as overall personality. 

If you want to explore new opportunities in diverse domains and want to build your career then you can also attend these workshops and learn advanced tips and techniques from experts.